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What can you expect?

Natural therapy is tailor-made so you get time and attention to tell your story. During the first intake consultation we will discuss your current complaints, medical history and relevant personal information. The intake fee includes a written dietary advice if necesarry and common homeopathic remedies. More specific homeopathic remedies, food supplements and herbal therapeutics are not included.

Depending on the problems and your general health, follow-ups are usually needed once a month to six weeks. We can estimate the time span of your treatment at the end of the first appointment.


Intake consultation (1 ½ – 2 hours) €  95,-
Follow-ups adults (1 – 1 1½ hour) €  75,- per hour
Children intake consultation (0-12 years) €  80,-
Children follow-ups €  65,- per hour
Informative consultation (45 minutes) €  45,-
Intake CEASE therapy * €  95,-
Telephone/email consultation per 15 minutes €  20,-
Sending homeopathic remedy €  15,- per remedy
* more info:

Appointments should be canceled at least 24 hours before the date otherwise the reserved time can be charged. 

Health insurance

Most Dutch health insurances restitute (part of) the consultation price if you have extra insurance for alternative medicine in your ‘aanvullende verzekering’. Every health insurance company has its own policy so it’s good to check this out before you make an appointment.

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I am a licensed therapist registered with VBAG and RBCZ.


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