Emotional, mental and physical complaints

I am using this opportunity to tell you that I am deeply impressed, till now, with homeopathy. It is my first contact and experience of such. I did not know what to expect. Most of all I respect and enjoy that Anka handles me as a whole person – taking all aspects of my being in consideration – emotional, physical, psychological, past, present and possible future. Everything is important and connected, but also subject of possible improvement. The way Anka comunicates is warm, passionate, to the point and it gives really a feeling of two way street. I am heard and understood and actively involved. In her approach she is strong and gentle at the same time, exactly what I need. Motivating, curing, educating and canalising, I would say. Handling with cotton touch and iron will. Really tailor made cure for body and soul. I am grateful for this experience.

Alex, female (49)